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On-Boarding Formalitie

            Please send your product cataloguementioning your best sellers. Our marketing team will select appropriate product after a thorough market research. Thereafter you will be required to send the products to us. We will be conducting a comprehensive quality check. Upon final selection the products will be photo-shot and then placed in our space. A communication channel will be created between us. We will be housing your products for a minimum time of 3 months. You will be notified when sales occur. You will receive our sales report between 1st and 3rd of every month.

Our Plan Of Action

  • We will exstensively market your products through various marketing platforms. Our team will work closely with you for the same.
  • We will have regular events in our space promoting your products.
  • We also have provision for paid promotions which can be discussed as required.
  • Your products will be circulated in our space through various visual merchandising techniques to ensure good visibility.
  • The products will also be available through our website, where proper SEO’s are in place.

Payment Terms

Payment terms can be discussed in person. Please feel free to communicate with us for any clarification