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About us

We are a brand which is the brainchild of acclaimed designer Vandana.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2011

The 2020 lockdown gave way to many thoughts as to the real meaning of our existence. Thoughts about why is this pandemic happening & then realized that our universe is trying to eliminate us just like it did with other species that are extinct today. We as humans are doing no favors to our planet. We have become a parasite to it. We have to step up and take better care of our Earth. That is when I looked around & saw the importance of upcycling, refurbishing, and recreating from existing lovely materials around that would otherwise be dumped and therefore polluting our planet

So started off with making facemasks with the existing fabric stock that I had given that I am a fabric hoarder for many years

This gave me immense satisfaction that these fabrics will not end up at landfills and that these will not contribute to carbon emissions.

The idea of creating youth wear “Byvandy” was born out of this thought So after much research and study, I created a team to start looking for lovely vintage pieces of fabric from wherever they could find like an old saree or even a blanket, bed sheets, or curtains. We also procure stock end or dead stock fabric from all our vendors. From there the process of designing a garment is like any other fashion house. But unlike a piece you would pick up in a store, after which there is a good chance that you would run into someone wearing the same thing, that is rarely the case with BYVANDY clothing.

We set trendy patterns for each season & we place the appropriate fabric in those patterns. That way you get the same style but in different prints and solid colors. For instance, if we are selling a dress in floral print, two different customers may buy that same dress, but it will come in a different print. The distinctive nature of each piece is similar to the charm of thrift and vintage shopping. People enjoy it because, yes, it tends to be cheaper and better for the environment, but also as most of the time you are going to find something nobody else has.

We really want to encourage people to treasure their items. There is one assurance that you will get a wholly unique piece from us.